Virus Scanners

Free Online Virus Scan Norton

Check to see if you have Virus Protection on your computer?  


Site advisors - Know if a site is safe before you go!

McAfee Site Advisor


Internet Speed Tests

Speed Test  (Download speed & Upload)

Speed Test (Download speed)

Speed Test (Upload speed)


Online Security Tests

Gibson Security Test (Test the security of your internet connection -open ports)

Sygate Security Test - Internet Connection (open ports)

Free Online Security Scan Norton

Test Your Email Security

Test Your Browser Security


Get Your IP Address

Check your IP Address


Macromedia Updates

Macromedia Flash Player upgrade  

Macromedia Shock Wave Player upgrade 



What is Spyware?

Download Microsoft's Free Antispyware program - Windows Defender

Spy Sweeper  - PC Magazine’s Editors Choice 2008  -  Free Scan or buy product


Free Internet

Free dialup Internet 


Clean Your PC

Window Washer   - Clean your PC and Protect your Privacy - Trial Version or Buy Product

CCleaner - I highly recommend it!


Optimize Your PC

 Make your PC Faster with PC Pitstop Optimize 3.0


U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications (sun & moon data with longitude/latitude)

Myrtle Beach Time Warner Cable

Road Runner - Time Warner Web Mail


Louisville Insight Cable

Insight Broadband Webmail



At&t DSL Webmail


The Art Gallery

Magic Jack online (trial) - Great VOIP phone service - no monthly phone bills!

Magic Jack at Radio Shack (locally) - Buy it and get 1yr subscriptions included with purchase! (I use it and love it - it is as good as your computer and internet connection)!  Also, plus now available - plus version just plugs into your router - doesn't require pc to be on to use.

The Music Connection   - Great Music Prices!

Shelby County Flea Market

Wizard of OS Complete Web Solutions - Affordable domain names and web hosting with 24/7 support

Official Guide to Myrtle Beach Bike Week  

Other Myrtle Beach Rally Site

Wizard of OS Complete Web Solutions - Affordable domain names and web hosting with 24/7 support




This Is Our Year - Comprehensive Searchable website directory.

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