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Free Downloads

Free Internet Browsers (Windows Systems)

Internet Explorer 7.0 - Service Pack 1 (Microsoft version)

Spyware Removal Programs

What is spyware? (link) 

Ad-aware 2008

Spybot Version 1.6   (remove old versions before installing)   

Spy Sweeper - PC Magazine’s Editors choice 2008 -  Trial Version  

Other Useful Downloads

Windows Media Player 9 Series - win98se, winme, win2k

Windows Media Player 11 Series - winxp, Vista 

Acrobat Reader 8.12

Free anti-virus program AVG  

Search Rocket (searches multiple popular engines at one time)

System Information - easy way to get your system info to either print or copy & paste and email to your technician when needed



Internet Eraser - erases cookies, temp files, etc.

Redphone - address book that works with most email programs

Lovetest - check to see if two people are compatible

Trial/Demo Downloads

Punch Clock - employee time clock software

30-day trial of Second copy 7 - for system backups

Window Washer    Clean your PC and Protect your Privacy (cleans cookies, temps, & more - Trial Version

Spam Shredder Halt spam before it reaches your inbox! - Trial Version

30-day trial of DK Notes - Sticky notes on your desktop